Nicholas Roberts


[2016] The Rest of Our Lives (CD + Digital Download)

Image of [2016] The Rest of Our Lives (CD + Digital Download)

This is a hard copy of my debut album 'The Rest of Our Lives.' I recorded it after the breakup of my previous band with almost no money to my name. I recorded it in my studio apartment, coffee shops, the public library, and anywhere else I could find a quiet space to put these songs down.

Every CD is hand-signed by me and includes a personalized notes. When you order a CD, you're not just getting my first batch of songs as a solo artist, you're getting a piece of me—sharing in a musical bond.

The Limited Edition Version of this CD includes a Lifetime VIP pass that gets you first-listen of all of my future releases, unreleased material, and a backstage pass to a concert of your choice when I make it to your town! These are limited to 100 copies.

All purchases include a digital download of the album in whatever format you'd like.

Love, Nicholas

1. Stand on My Shoulders
2. The Rest of Our Lives
3. I Shouldn't Feel
4. Love You Out Loud
5. Forever in All Directions
6. River to a Flood
7. (Instrumental)
8. Dear Holiday
9. Find Someone
10. Lullaby